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        Die Deutsche Sommerschule von New Mexico in Taos Ski Valley
               May 31, 2022 - July 1, 2022        


Our Students

Who May Apply:

The Deutsche Sommerschule von New Mexico welcomes students of all ages, backgrounds, and interests dedicated to expanding their knowledge of the German language and culture. Generally, students must have completed three semesters of college-level German or the equivalent. During the entire 4-1/2 week stay, all participants pledge to speak only German both inside and outside the classroom. Due to this total immersion approach, students often gain near-native fluency or advance an entire level during the program.

Who May Attend:

Students and other individuals interested in enhancing their speaking, writing, and comprehension skills in German.

  • Students who want to earn academic credits towards the Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts in German Studies. On-line application information and materials for the M.A. can be found at the OGS web site (Office of Graduate Studies).
  • Students or other individuals who want to prepare for an extensive stay in a German-speaking country.
  • Experienced, beginning, and prospective high school teachers who want to earn advanced credit towards the M.A. and enhance their professional skills.
  • Anybody interested in enhancing or refreshing their knowledge of the German language, the history and culture of German-speaking countries.

Apply Now:

Early application is recommended and scholarship priority is given to applications made before March 15th, 2019. Our scholarship funds are limited and acceptance is first come, first served.

Student Testimonials:

The University of New Mexico's German Summer School was not only the most important step in my German education, but necessary to truly understand the language. I arrived afraid and worried, but I was greeted by the warmest and most fun people I have had the pleasure of knowing. My German skills were inconceivably augmented, and I would never feel comfortable going to Germany, without first attending the German Summer School. The Summer School will always hold a special place in my heart, and it is a necessary destination for anyone who wants to learn German and have a blast while doing so. (Carter B., 2016)

Die Deutsche Sommerschule von New Mexico war das beste Ding für mein Deutsch. Ich habe so viel gelernt. Vor der Sommerschule konnte ich nur ein bisschen Deutsch schreiben oder sprechen. Jetzt kann ich viele Seiten schreiben und stundenlang sprechen. Die Deutsche Sommerschule ist die Beste! Alle ProfessorInnen und LehrerInnen waren super! My German is failing me to explain how excellent the Summer School was. Truly, the professors and teaching assistants were fantastic. The immersion experience and the seclusion into the Ski Valley truly make it an excellent experience. I learned more in the past month than I have in the past year. (Ezekiel S., 2016)

I went into the summer school with nervous expectations and an open mind. A couple weeks into the frustration I found that my German drastically improved. I had gone from understanding about half of what was said to fluidly understanding and being enthralled by the lectures and my classes. (Erin L., 2008)

The academics were excellent — several of the best professors I have ever had the privilege of studying under. (Anonymous, 2006)

I love this school and would attend it even if it were in a tent. (Anonymous, 2006)

Excellent! I have never learned so much in one semester as I have this past month. (Anonymous, 2005)

Thank you for providing this academic opportunity. Without Taos I would not have had a chance to pursue my degree. (Anonymous, 2005)

The best German program I have participated in. (Anonymous, 2005)

Das beste Deutsch-Erlebnis außerhalb Europas! Ich bin schon zum siebten Mal hier; das spricht für sich. (Sandra D., 2004)

Der beste Platz in Amerika, Deutsch zu lernen! (Emily M., 2004)

Es ist super, dass wir hier so viele internationale Germanisten kennenlernen können und einen Monat lang nur Deutsch sprechen. Es gibt keinen anderen Platz als diesen in Amerika. Meiner Meinung nach kann man nur auf einen so schönen Berg wie diesen, 50 Leute stecken und nur Deutsch sprechen. (Mindalou M., 2003)

Es hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Ich habe es gemacht, weil ich mein Deutsch verbessern wollte. Ich beginne im Herbst mit einem Magisterprogramm und insofern hat es mir sehr geholfen. Ich habe auch ein bisschen Vorgeschmack für die Graduate School bekommen; das war wichtig. Ich fühle mich jetzt ruhiger und weiß, was mich erwartet. (Casey H., 2003)