Die Deutsche Sommerschule von New Mexico in Taos Ski Valley

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42nd Annual Session . . . June 20 - July 21, 2017


2017 Curriculum

After individualized language instruction, all students and instructors come together in the late morning for the Grundkurs lecture series. In the afternoon, we offer seminars and mini-seminars, followed by evening workshops. Most courses are cross-listed and available for either undergraduate or graduate credit. Students may also choose the C/NC or audit option. Wednesdays and Sundays are free for excursions or other leisure activities.

The 2017 lecture series centers on the topic Populismus und Demokratie - gestern, heute, morgen. Our curriculum is further complemented by evening presentations, films and lectures featuring our visiting scholars, author-in-residence, artist-in-residence, and guest lecturers.

Populismus und Demokratie - gestern, heute, morgen

Sprachkurse (credit hours)

  • B1, B2 oder C1 Sprachunterricht; (2)
  • C2 "Stilistik"; (2)

Der Grundkurs

  • Populismus und Demokratie - gestern, heute, morgen; (2)

Seminare und Miniseminare

  • Einführung in die moderne deutsche Literatur; (1)
  • Einführung in die deutsche Literatur des Mittelalters; (1)
  • Einführung in die österreichische Kultur; (1)
  • Die Kultur und Politik der DDR; (1)
  • Unschuldige Täter: Kinder und Monster in deutschen Filmen; (1)
  • Kindergeschichten; (1)
  • Der neue Untertan. Autorität und Populismus vs. Demokratie; (1)
  • Neue Bürger. Bildungsromane zwischen Kunst, Ökonomie und Politik; (1)
  • Die "Wendeliteratur"; (1)

Werkstätten und andere Kurse

  • Kritik und Theater in Österreich; (1)
  • Zeitungsworkshop “Der Zauberberg”; (1)


  • Film imd Musik im DaF-Unterricht; (1)

Credit Load

Students may earn up to seven undergraduate or six graduate semester hour credits. Credit is granted through the University of New Mexico. Students can arrange for transfer credits with their home institutions.

All students will take a placement test and participate in an oral interview to assure proper placement in language courses. Most undergraduate students will take seven credit hours, graduate students will take six credit hours.

For Example

  • 2 credits  >> GER 370, 410, or 470 (Sprachkurs)
  • 2 credits  >> GER 380/481/581 (lecture series; mandatory for all students)
  • 2 credits  >> One Seminar
  • 1 credit    >> One Mini-Seminar or Workshop